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About Tracy Acres Equine Sanctuary

Tracy Acres is a forever, loving retirement home for special needs horses.

We wake before the sun and put on our boots and gloves. We go outside and see the sun rise on a silhouette of beautiful horses. The throw aways hear and see us coming, and they begin their gentle, sweet nickering. 

Discarded by someone, they are now so grateful to be greeted with a kiss and a flake of fresh hay. They will eat until their heart’s content, and then nap in the morning sun. Never again will they worry where their next meal will come from. They will no longer be abused or struggle to survive. Even the blind ones will feel safe because someone is watching over them. All their needs will be met. They will get fresh water and hay, daily grain, have their hoofs cared for, receive supplements, be wormed regularly, and have their medical needs met. They will receive daily kisses, carrots and cookies. They won’t be asked to do something their body can no longer perform. They will rest in safety and be loved unconditionally. 

In return, they offer us unconditional love and companionship to each other and special needs children. In the evening, when it’s time to give out grain, we see those lovely silhouettes against the moon. They remind us how lucky we are to be here.

We share a world that isn’t always fair, but together we can forget the past and make a beautiful future. This is our home and we’ve never been happier. 


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